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HOGARNoticiasThe development history of dust collector bags: a witness to technological progress

The development history of dust collector bags: a witness to technological progress

Time of Release : 2024-07-08

1. Starting stage: In the early 20th century, with the acceleration of industrialization, dust pollution problems became prominent, and people began to realize the need for effective dust removal equipment to protect the environment and human health. During this period, the filter bag material was mainly simple woven cloth, and the cleaning method was relatively primitive, such as mechanical vibration and back-blowing.


2. Development stage: Since the 1950s, dust collector bolsas have gradually been widely used in the industrial field. Especially in the 1960s, with the breakthrough of filter material technology, such as the development of needle felt and non-woven filter materials, the cleaning efficiency and service life of filter bags have been greatly improved. At the same time, the emergence of pulse jet cleaning technology has greatly optimized the cleaning process and improved the dust removal efficiency.


3. Mature stage: After entering the 1980s, with the improvement of environmental protection requirements and the advancement of industrial technology, bag dust collectors are facing higher performance requirements. During this period, the types of filter bag materials became more abundant, including special filter materials that are resistant to high temperature and corrosion, such as PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), as well as composite filter materials for different working conditions. At the same time, the automation and intelligence level of dust removal technology has also been significantly improved.


4. Modern application stage: To date, bolsas de filtro de polvo have been widely used in industries such as electricity, steel, cement, nonferrous metals, and waste incineration, becoming one of the mainstream technologies for industrial smoke control. With the continuous improvement of the country's environmental protection standards, filter bag technology and filter material research and development are also constantly improving to meet more stringent emission requirements. Modern filter bags have not only improved their filtration efficiency, but also significantly enhanced their service life and durability.


In general, as a key component of industrial smoke control, the development of dust filter bags has undergone a transformation from simple manual operation to automation and intelligence, and the filter material has also developed from a single woven cloth to diversified and high-performance. In the future, with the continuous emergence of new materials and new technologies, dust filter bags will continue to develop in a more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly direction.

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