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HOMENewsHeroine Models Go to Campus to Tell Stories of Innovation and Growth

Heroine Models Go to Campus to Tell Stories of Innovation and Growth

Time of Release : 2024-05-21

On the afternoon of May 8, the first phase of the "Magnolia Light Female Scientists Growth Plan" - Science and Technology Innovation Youth Intelligence Leading the Future was successfully held at Hefei University of Technology. Liang Yan, general manager of Yuanchen Technology, was invited to participate in this event. Being the manager of a leading dust removal filter bag company, she shared her innovation and entrepreneurship story with the female college students of Hegong University of Technology. She talked with everyone about the growth and development paths of women, and discussed the responsibilities, missions and future directions of young people, by tracing her own journey through the filter bag fabric suppliers industry.



The purpose of this activity is to answer the confusion and problems encountered by female engineering college students in the process of growth and development, and to help female college students grow, especially in industries such as those of SCR catalysts manufactures. As a national model of female meritorious service, an outstanding provincial private entrepreneur, and a model worker in Hefei City, Liang Yan, as an entrepreneur, uses her personal experience of innovation and entrepreneurship in the filter bag cage manufactures sector to inspire young people in school, demonstrating the role of female entrepreneurs in the new era in a fiercely competitive market environment. The wisdom and courage to accurately recognize changes and have the courage to explore exotic sectors such as the needle punched fabric industry.




When looking back on her entrepreneurial experience, Liang Yan emphasized the importance of having insight into the industry while seizing opportunities. She used the company's innovation and development experience in creating filter bag fabric as an example to describe how to keep a clear mind in a highly competitive market and successfully seize major opportunities that lead to corporate transformation and upgrading. With the development of the environmental protection industry approaching an inflection point, Liang Yan relied on her keen market insight to quickly capture the huge potential of overseas markets, and meet the ever-growing demand for high-quality filter bag cages. By introducing AI artificial intelligence technology, she sought digital layouts such as cross-border integration of enterprises, leading enterprises to achieve high-quality, Intelligent development, as her own brand has demonstrated in the dust filter bags manufacturing.




While Liang Yan leads her team to run the business well, she also maintains a sense of gratitude, insists on using practical actions to give back to the society, and continues to light up a corner of the world with every act of kindness. In the future development of life, Liang Yan encourages young people to bravely shoulder responsibilities and missions, and let the blood of youth boil on the way to contribute to society.

Liang Yan's sharing painted a blueprint for the creativity of future women for the students. She hoped that young people would live up to the times and their youth, and bloom their youthful elegance through responsibility and struggle.

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