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Yuanchen catalyst has reached the international advanced level

Time of Release : 2023-04-21

On January 13, Anhui Federation of Industrial Economics Science and technology achievements evaluation Center held in Hefei City, Yuanchen Science and Technology completed the "deep wide temperature difference structural high efficiency sulfur denitrification catalyst key technology and industrialization application" science and technology achievements evaluation meeting.National energy group institute of science and technology co., LTD., deputy general manager of professor Zhu Fahua, Hefei, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Wang Guozhong, denitration catalyst experts of Nanjing university of technology, former Hefei cement research and design institute professor high worker Mao Zhiwei and national power for fair power plant director of XingXiaoLin served as the evaluation experts.


At the meeting, experts listened to the background and significance of the results of research and development, research content, technical solutions, innovation points, practical application and emission indicators and other related reports, reviewed the relevant data, and went to Anhui Hefei Power Generation Co., Ltd. to investigate the project application site. From the technical innovation degree, technical index advanced, technical difficulty and other aspects of comprehensive evaluation, evaluation experts agreed that the results of temperature width as low as 200℃, while long-term sulfur poisoning resistance has great application significance, the overall reach the international advanced level!


The key technical achievements of Yuanchen Technology's deep, wide, temperature difference, structured and efficient sulfur resistant denitrification catalyst have been successfully applied in the flue gas denitrification projects of many coal-fired power plants such as Wanneng Hefei Power Generation Co., LTD., Jinan Thermal Power Co., LTD. After 3 months of stable operation monitoring: When the temperature is as low as 200℃ and the concentration of SO2 is more than 2000 mg/m3, the denitrification efficiency is more than 90% and the concentration of NOx emission is less than 30mg/m3. The users have a good response and the economic benefits are significant.


At the same time, Yuanchen Technology has also made breakthrough progress in many power field technologies, such as regenerative wide-temperature technology, whole-process wide-temperature denitrification technology, precise ammonia injection technology, and will provide more high-quality customers with in-depth services



Only innovators advance, only innovators strong, only innovators win. In the next step, Yuanchen Technology will continue to base on the national strategic needs, fully demonstrate its mission responsibilities and responsibilities, plan innovation work with a higher position, greater determination and stronger strength, constantly improve the scientific and technological innovation system, create a strong atmosphere of innovation, and achieve a high level of scientific and technological self-reliance in original technology breakthrough, basic forward-looking research, "bottleneck" technology research, new material supply and other aspects. For the country to achieve the goal of double carbon contribution.