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HOMENewsYuanchen Technology Shines at RCEP Huangshan Forum with Innovative Environmental Solutions

Yuanchen Technology Shines at RCEP Huangshan Forum with Innovative Environmental Solutions

Time of Release : 2024-06-25

High efficiency dust removal filter material, SCR denitrification catalyst......

On June 21, in the 2024 RCEP Local governments and Friendship Cities Cooperation (Huangshan) Forum enterprise product display, Anhui Yuanchen Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD. (referred to as Yuanchen Technology) with its series of core environmental protection products debuted at RCEP Huangshan Forum.



Since 2005, we as a dust removal filter bags manufacturers has been committed to scientific and technological innovation and application of achievements in the field of environmental protection governance for a long time. In recent years, relying on the core technologies, Yuanchen Technology has achieved rapid development.



According to Chen Zhi, CEO of Yuanchen Technology, under the guidance of new quality productivity, the green low-carbon transformation of the steel industry is imminent, and intelligent management has become a key means to improve efficiency, reduce costs and achieve green production. Yuanchen Technology has deeply integrated artificial intelligence (AI) with traditional steel manufacturing industry, and developed an intelligent steel control system.



Including iron supply chain intelligent, sintering process intelligent and environmental protection process intelligent three parts, corresponding to the source to the batching, cloth to finished products, dust removal to Gas emissions, which iron supply chain intelligent control system for steel enterprises to save resources plays a significant role.



The latest achievements in the multi-scenario application of "AI+ steel" not only achieve multiple goals such as cost control, production efficiency improvement and environmental sustainability, but also provide strong support to promote the green transformation of the entire industry.



In addition to the extensive layout in the domestic market, Yuanchen Technologoy, Scr Catalysts providers adheres to the international business development strategy, continuously optimizes and adjusts the market strategy and layout, frequently "goes to sea", actively responds to the "Belt and Road" initiative proposed by the state, and carries out extensive cooperation with Kazakhstan, Turkey, Egypt and other Silk Road Economic Belt countries.



At present, the company's products have been exported to Vietnam, Colombia, Lithuania, Brazil, Pakistan, Philippines, India, Malaysia and other countries.

Since the RCEP Agreement came into full effect on June 2, 2023, bonus policy such as tariff reduction, customs clearance simplification, trade and investment facilitation have been continuously released, and economic and trade exchanges between Anhui Province and RCEP member countries have become more and more active.



"We hope that by using the regional trade facilitation brought by RCEP, Yuanchen Technology can actively explore the markets of RCEP member states such as Southeast Asia and increase the export volume of environmental protection products; At the same time, we will strengthen the technological research and development cooperation with enterprises from RCEP member countries, introduce advanced technologies and management experience to enhance the competitiveness of our products."



Chen Zhi, in the light of needle punched fabric expressed his expectation for strengthening the exchange and cooperation with RCEP members, hoping to learn more about the market demand and policy environment of RCEP member countries through this forum, and provide more opportunities for Yuanchen Technology to expand the international market.



Talking about the future development of the Yuanchen Technology, Chen Zhi said that in the context of global sustainable development, Yuanchen Technology will uphold the mission of "contributing to the world's environmental friendliness and human health", actively participate in the research and development and application of technology in the field of environmental protection, and contribute to the realization of the "dual carbon goals". 


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